Xingyi Yang

I am a first-year Ph.D student at National University of Singapore(NUS) at Learning and Vision Lab. I am now working under the supervision of Prof.Xinchao Wang.

My current research interest lies in Efficent AI and Statitical ML:

  • Knowledge Efficiency, that empowers the AI systems to learn new tasks with the knowledge from trained models and human experts.
  • Data Efficency. Focus on self-supervised & semi-supervised & weak-supervised learning or learning with synthesized data.
  • Statitical ML. Focus on statitical modelling, trust-worthy learning (interpretability and robustness) and graph learning, ideally, with theoretical basis or guarantee.


I believe in Slow Science


  • [2021/05] Two paper accepted by ACL2021, one about Medical report generation and one on COVID-19 Dialogues.
  • [2021/02] One paper accepted by CVPR2021, DSRNA: Differentiable Search of Robust Neural Architectures.
  • [2021/01] One paper accepted by ICASSP2021, Kalman Optimizer for Consistent Gradient Descent.
  • [2020/09] I am co-organizing NeurIPS 2020 workshop “Self-Supervised Learning – Theory and Practice”, serving as the Workflow Chair.
  • [2020/09] One oral paper accepted by ISVC2020.
  • [2020/07] One paper accepted by ECCV2020, Single View Metrology in the Wild