More about me


I am also an amateur drummer and singer. I deeply love playing bands and the friends that I made through music. If there is anything that can save my life, it must be rock. Rock you. Here are some performance

Allow the artists to get rich first-Second-Hand Rose(Cover)-By Siiick Band: 2022-3-29

My Jinji-Sunset Rollercoaster(Cover)-By Siiick Band: 2022-2-19

烂泥-No Party For Cao Dong(Cover)-By Siiick Band: 2022-2-19

Graduation performance-By HornPub Band: 2019-5-24

Christmas performance-By M.Y.B.S Band: 2017-12-15

Time-Pink Floyd(Cover)-By HornPub Band: 2020-09-12

Otherside-red hot chili peppers(Cover)-By 432Hz: 2021-02-21

Art Pieces